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Asian Journal of Green Chemistry founded in 2017 and administered under the auspices of the offices of the Eurasian Chemistry Society. AJGC was supported by Iranian Chemical Science and Technologies Association, Eurasian Chemistry Society  and ISC. AJGC which is on Chemistry has, as its objective, the Publication and dissemination of original research work in the field of Chemistry, which includes all aspects of applied and theoretical chemistry. In keeping with the objectives of the AJGC, this journal emphasizes different aspects of the foundations and applications of the field, in order to further develop international academic exchange between chemistry experts and researchers around the world. AJGC intends to foster the exchange of ideas between scientists and engineers in different parts of the world and also among researchers who emphasize different aspects of the foundations and applications of the field.

Because the journal began in mid-2017, only two issues were published in this year, and also four issues were published in 2018. Due to the great interest of the researchers, we decided to publish this journal in 2019 in bimonthly.

2017      Two issues per year:     Issue 1,    Issue 2,                                       = 13 articles

2018      Four issues per year:    Issue 1,    Issue 2,   Issue 3,   Issue 4,        = 32 articles

2019      Four issues per year:    Issue 1,    Issue 2,   Issue 3,   Issue 4,        = 39  articles

2020      Four issues per year:   Issue 1,    Issue 2,   Issue 3,   Issue 4,        = 40  articles

2021      Four issues per year:   Issue 1,     Issue 2Issue 3Issue 4 ,      = 34  articles

2022      Four issues per year:  Issue 1, Issue 2, Issue 3   is released soon.


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Second request for indexation in Scopus (Date: 16-Jul-2022):

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