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1 Department of Management, Payam Noor University, Tehran, Iran

2 Department of Organic chemistry, Faculty of chemistry, Urmia University, Urmia, 57159, Iran


Esterification and transesterification reactions usually carry out in hydrocarbon solvents, such as toluene. Homogeneous acid catalysts such as, sulfuric acid, methane sulfonic acid, and p-toluene sulfonic acid are the most conventional catalysts for this purpose. Application of these catalysts causes some difficulties such as corrosion, and environment probleA most effective and less energy demanding method of producing fatty esters, polyol esters , by esterifying fatty acids, with a pentaerythritol and trimethylolpropan alcohols in the presence of an acid Catalyst at elevated temperature wherein an azeotroping agent , particularly toluene, is used to facilitate continuous removal of water by distillation, formed as a by-product during the esterification reaction.The esterification reaction is completed within 5 hours, pentaerythritol and trimethylolpropan esters was produced .ms

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Synthesis of polyol esters by p-toluenesulfonic acid catalyst as synthetic lubricant oils


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