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Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science and Health, Koya University Koya KOY45, Kurdistan Region – F.R. Iraq


Alcohols are selectively oxidized to aldehydes using active manganese dioxide (MnO2) nanoparticles under solvent-free condition using microwave irradiation. The complete conversion of the alcohols to their corresponding aldehydes was achieved successfully within only 15 seconds of irradiation in microwave oven. The products of oxidation were characterized by TLC, IR, and Tollens' test, which showed the characteristic results of the desired aldehydes. This method is found to be fast, green, and a very easy procedure that could be applied for the oxidation of alcohols to aldehydes without further oxidation to carboxylic acids.

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Green and selective oxidation of alcohols using MnO2 nanoparticles under solvent-free condition using microwave irradiation


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