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Department of Chemistry, S.P.C. Govt. College Ajmer-305001, Rajasthan, India


The Cu (II) surfactantsof  stearic and palmitic acids were synthesized which are greenish blue in colour and chosen for thermogravimetric and derivative thermal analysis. Their structure has been confirmed by elemental analysis, and mass spectroscopy. Thermogravimetric degradation of Cu (II) palmitate soap was studied  for energy of activation. This shows that two step thermal degradation in the range of 423 K to 703 K. Various equations like coats-redfern (CR), horowitz-metzger (HM) and broido equations (BE) were applied to evaluate the energy of activation. Thermal degradation of solid components will be a good and  significant method for the removal of the pollutant from the environment. The present study will play an important role for pollution controlling and in the field of green chemistry.

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Synthesis, characterization, and thermal degradation of Cu (II) surfactants for sustainable green chemistry


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