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Department of Chemical and Petrochemical Techniques Engineering, Southern Technical University, Basra, Iraq


Mild steel is an affordable engineering material used for various applications, including the mild acidic environment with some precautions. The (NPK1, Urea, DAP, and NPK2), inhibition efficiency in the control of the carbon steel corrosion in solution that contains 1M HCl in the absence and presence of the potassium chromate (K₂CrO₄) as one of the oxidizing agents were assessed through the weight loss. and spectrophotometer. Results have exhibited that the formulation consisting of 100 ppm from every one of (Urea, NPK1, DAP, and NPK2) and 100 ppm K2CrO4 presents 81.08%, 92%, 90% and 97%, respectively efficiency of inhibition. Whereas 100 ppm from every one of the Urea, NPK1, DAP, and NPK2, offers 63.27%, 69.93%, 76.56% and 71.69%, respectively efficiency of inhibition and 100 ppm of K2CrO4 had given 76% efficiency of inhibition. Fe+2/Fe+3 concentration in the solution is decreased with the increase in the concentration of the inhibitor. The inhibitor’s properties of the adsorption were found to be obeying the isotherm of Langmuir adsorption.

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Synergistic effect of common fertilizer with potassium chromate on the corrosion inhibition of mild steel in 1 M HCl


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