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1 Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Education, University of Khartoum B.O. box 406, Sudan

2 Shanghai Key Laboratory of Green Chemistry and Chemical Processes, Department of Chemistry, East China Normal University, North Zhongshan Road 3663, Shanghai 200062, China


In this work, a simple green synthesis of six oxazolidinones derivatives from the reaction of arylamines, diethyl carbonate, ethylene oxide, and ionic liquids was studied. The prepared compounds were firstly purified using the chromatography, then characterized by 1H NMR and 13C NMR. The effect of ionic liquid amount, time, and temperature were examined. The optimal reaction conditions for one-pot conversion of these reactants were 130 °C, 12 h, and 10% amount of catalyst. The results demonstrated that the upper yield of oxazolidinone was provided by anions of ionic liquids with stronger bond basicity, that follows the order OAc->Cl->Br->BF4 below delicate reaction conditions, Bmim OAC was found to be an ideal catalyst for formation of some oxazolidinones in high yields.

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One-pot conversion of arylamines, DEC and ethylene oxide to oxazolidinones catalyzed by ionic liquids


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